UV or LED? Which is Better?

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UV or LED? Which is Better?


While I do love going to get my nails done, there’s something to be said about doing them from the convenience of your own home. I love being able to grab a cup of tea, put on my favourite movie and do my nails all cosied up on the couch. Having my own nail lamp at home has made for some unforgettable girly nights in with my friends. So, if you’re thinking of investing in a nail lamp too, here are some pros and cons of each type to help you make the decision.


There are two types of gel nail lamps out there. The first is the traditional ‘UV’ lamp. Then there’s the newer LED which have grown in popularity in recent years. Don’t let their names fool you, both lamps emit UV rays that cure gel nails. And both have their advantages and disadvantages.


What most people call ‘UV lamps’ are traditional lamps that have been around for years. These lamps used to cure your nails in five minutes and nowadays they often to this in two minutes. They usually contain a coiled bulb from which UV rays are emitted. The advantage of this lamp is that it is a lot cheaper than the newer, LED lamps. These lamps are also able to cure a lot more gels than their LED counterparts that only work for special LED gels. One disadvantage of the UV lamp is that you will need to change its bulb every six months or so.


LED lamps, as the name suggests, emit light from tiny little LED bulbs strategically placed inside the nail lamp. The light coming out of these LEDs is a lot more direct which allows the nails to cure a lot faster than traditional lamps, normally around 30 seconds. The LED bulbs also last an average of 50,000 hours so you’ll never need to replace them. The disadvantage of this lamp is that it’s far more expensive than the traditional lamp. Since the light is more focused in these lamps, some users have experienced a more pronounced ‘burning’ sensation when curing. This could either be due to your LED lamp being of low quality but could also be due to your particular of gel polish, so don’t scrimp and always buy from a reliable provider.


Which lamp you use will not affect how your manicure turns out or how long it will last. There is also no more risk from doing your nails under UV lights twice a month than there is going for a fifteen-minute walk in the sunshine.


A nail lamp is one of the best beauty investments you can make, and I hope this list has helped you work out the best kind for you.


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